Shona mbira (“im • BEER • uh”) music from Zimbabwe is one of the most soulful sounds on the African continentOriginally used in spirit possession ceremonies, the iron-pronged mbira produces music beautiful enough to attract spirits and rhythmically energized enough to keep people dancing through all-night ceremonies. mbiraNYC plays the traditional songs that have been handed down through scores of generations as given to us by the master mbira players of Zimbabwe.

mbiraNYC is a collective dedicated to the sharing, performing, and teaching of mbira music of Zimbabwe. We are committed to building awareness and appreciation of the music through workshops, concerts and cultural events. mbiraNYC sponsors visiting Zimbabwean mbira masters, yearly, to perform, tour and teach traditional Zimbabwean music. On-going weekly mbira classes are held in the New York area, taught by our experienced teachers. We facilitate mbira workshops in schools, hospitals, senior centers, shelters, nursing homes, libraries, galleries, and museums. Monthly mbira gatherings are enjoyed by students and players, to experience the excitement and communal aspect of playing and singing together. mbiraNYC provides uplifting, healing music for any event and can be heard performing in nightlife hotspots, restaurants, community gardens, cultural institutions and private events.